Developer API

TinyCert offers an HTTP API to access its major functionality. Documentation for the API can be browsed online below, and client libraries are available for download from GitHub.

Your API key

To make requests to the API, you will need your email address, passphrase and your personal API key. The API key generated for your account is:

This API key serves as authentication mechanism instead of your password. If you have reason to believe you API key has been compromised, please request a new key.

Online documentation

The HTTP API is at version 1. The following documentation is available:

  1. Introduction
    1. Signing requests
    2. Error conditions
  2. API sessions
    1. /connect: Open a new API session
    2. /disconnect: Close an open API session
  3. Certificate Authority management
    1. /ca/list: Get a list of all CAs in your account
    2. /ca/details: Get further details on a given CA
    3. /ca/get: Download the CA's certificate
    4. /ca/delete: Delete a given CA
    5. /ca/new: Create a new CA
  4. Certificate management
    1. /cert/list: Get a list of all certificates for a given CA
    2. /cert/details: Get further details on a given certificate
    3. /cert/get: Download the certificate, signing request, or private key for a certificate
    4. /cert/reissue: Re-issue an existing certificate
    5. /cert/status: Change certificate status
    6. /cert/new: Create a new certificate

Client Libraries

At present, we provide client libraries for PHP and C# only. If you require another language, please let us know.

Please note that while we are grateful for third-party libraries, the level of support we can provide for those libraries might be limited and we may refer you to the original author.