Retrieve a list of all certificates associated with a given Certification Authority.


https://www.tinycert.org/api/v1/cert/list (JSON)
https://www.tinycert.org/api/v1/cert/list.xml (XML)



Numeric identifier of the Certification Authority for which to retrieve the certificates.


An integer determining which certificates to retrieve, by their status. The following flags may be combined through a binary OR operation:

  • 1 - expired
  • 2 - good
  • 4 - revoked
  • 8 - hold

Example value

includes "good", "revoked" and "hold" certificates, excludes "expired" certificates.


Session identifier.

Return value

This method returns an array of all certificates with a matching status. Each record is represented as an object in JSON, or a cert element in XML and contains four values:


Numeric identifier of the certificate. This is the identifier that must be passed to other API calls operating on the certificate.


Name of the certificate, corresponds to the common name (CN) on the certificate.


Current status of the certificate. One of "good", "hold", "expired" or "revoked"


Unix timestamp of the certificate's expiration.

  1. Introduction
    1. Signing requests
    2. Error conditions
  2. API sessions
    1. /connect: Open a new API session
    2. /disconnect: Close an open API session
  3. Certificate Authority management
    1. /ca/list: Get a list of all CAs in your account
    2. /ca/details: Get further details on a given CA
    3. /ca/get: Download the CA's certificate
    4. /ca/delete: Delete a given CA
    5. /ca/new: Create a new CA
  4. Certificate management
    1. /cert/list: Get a list of all certificates for a given CA
    2. /cert/details: Get further details on a given certificate
    3. /cert/get: Download the certificate, signing request, or private key for a certificate
    4. /cert/reissue: Re-issue an existing certificate
    5. /cert/status: Change certificate status
    6. /cert/new: Create a new certificate