Change the status of a certificate.

The status of a certificate can be changed only if the certificate currently has a status of "good", "revoked", or "hold" and can only be changed to another one of those 3 statuses. It is not possible to change the status for certificates that are marked as "expired" or "obsolete".

If the current status already is the desired status, the request is ignored and reported as having completed successfully.


https://www.tinycert.org/api/v1/cert/status (JSON)
https://www.tinycert.org/api/v1/cert/status.xml (XML)



Numeric identifier of the certificate for which the status should be changed.


Desired new status of the certificate. Must be one of:

  • good - the certificate is valid
  • hold - the certificate is not known to be valid, but also not (yet) revoked and may be reinstated
  • revoked - the private key may have been compromised, or the certificate is revoked for another reason

Session identifier.

Return value

On success, this API call will return only a generic success indicator.

  1. Introduction
    1. Signing requests
    2. Error conditions
  2. API sessions
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    2. /disconnect: Close an open API session
  3. Certificate Authority management
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    2. /ca/details: Get further details on a given CA
    3. /ca/get: Download the CA's certificate
    4. /ca/delete: Delete a given CA
    5. /ca/new: Create a new CA
  4. Certificate management
    1. /cert/list: Get a list of all certificates for a given CA
    2. /cert/details: Get further details on a given certificate
    3. /cert/get: Download the certificate, signing request, or private key for a certificate
    4. /cert/reissue: Re-issue an existing certificate
    5. /cert/status: Change certificate status
    6. /cert/new: Create a new certificate