Retrieve the Certification Authority certificate.

The Certification Authority certificate can be downloaded from the TinyCert dashboard, but can also be retrieved using this API call. The certificate is always in PEM encoded form.


https://www.tinycert.org/api/v1/ca/get (JSON)
https://www.tinycert.org/api/v1/ca/get.xml (XML)



Numeric identifier of the Certification Authority for which to retrieve the certificate.


Session identifier.


Must always be the static string cert. Any other values are considered invalid.

Return value

On success, this call returns an object with a single property. This contains the PEM encoded certificate. That string can be dumped directly to a .pem file.

The PEM encoded certificate for the requested Certification Authority.
  1. Introduction
    1. Signing requests
    2. Error conditions
  2. API sessions
    1. /connect: Open a new API session
    2. /disconnect: Close an open API session
  3. Certificate Authority management
    1. /ca/list: Get a list of all CAs in your account
    2. /ca/details: Get further details on a given CA
    3. /ca/get: Download the CA's certificate
    4. /ca/delete: Delete a given CA
    5. /ca/new: Create a new CA
  4. Certificate management
    1. /cert/list: Get a list of all certificates for a given CA
    2. /cert/details: Get further details on a given certificate
    3. /cert/get: Download the certificate, signing request, or private key for a certificate
    4. /cert/reissue: Re-issue an existing certificate
    5. /cert/status: Change certificate status
    6. /cert/new: Create a new certificate